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Microdose  Shroom Capsules

  • Use daily to help maintain brain health, support mood and cognition, support nerve growth factor and nerve health
  • Naturally contains 2-6x more polysaccharides than popular Shroom Capsules mane extracts, delivering over 1g of polysaccharides, and it’s not even an extract
  • Microdose  Shroom Capsules mane mushroom is excellent cellular brain food and one of the staples of TCM, touted as a brain booster

Iboga capsules for sale


Medicine content: Ibogaine is the active chemical found in the African Tabernanthe iboga root . It’s known for its modern use in treating opiate heroin , cocaine other drug addiction.

Our Iboga Root Bark comes from at least 10 to 15 year old trees.

This is Iboga root bark finely ground and capsuled for microdosing convenience.  Comes with instructions on microdosing Iboga. This is a 1 month supply (30 capsules, 0.6g per capsule).

Dmt Vape Pen – Buy Dmt Vape Pen online


Buy Dmt Vape Pen online makes it much more convenient when compared to actually lighting it up and smoking it. Vaping also makes DMT use much more discreet, which is a major plus when you realize that the government treats this life-saving substance as the equivalent of crack or heroin. Using a dmt vape pen can help obscure the signature odor that is emitted through combustion.

A single inhalation of vapor from dried toad secretion containing 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT) in a naturalistic setting is related to sustained enhancement of satisfaction with life, mindfulness-related capacities, and a decrement of psychopathological symptoms



Ayahuasca causes an intense, cleansing, mind-blowing trip with hallucinations that can last for many hours. Many users consider Ayahuasca to be a mental and bodily purification. It brings visions about the future and the past, some pleasant and others frightening. Ayahuasca offers a new perspective on reality – like being sucked into a different dimension. Ayahuasca can provide answers to questions about life you never knew you had.

Chaliponga | Diplopterys cabrerana

Syrian Rue Peganum harmala | Extract 10x

Peyote – Mescaline Freebase


Mescaline is used primarily as a recreational drug and is also used to supplement various types of meditation and psychedelic therapy.

Mescaline leads to rich visual hallucinations which were important to the native peyote cults. It has an effect that is similar to LSD or psilocybin (magic mushrooms), other hallucinogenic drugs.

Psilocybin mushroom


The effects of magic mushrooms usually begin in 30 minutes when eaten, or within 5–10 minutes when taken as a soup or tea, and can last for approximately 4–6 hours.

Happy Caps ( Trip-E)


Dosage : Take 1 or 2 capsules on an empty stomach, about 45 minutes before the desired effect. Do not exceed the maximum dosage of 2 capsules per 24 hours.

Ingredients (Composition of 1 capsule): hawaiian baby woodrose (275 mg), guarana (25 mg), magnesium stearate, calcium dioxide, hydroxypropylmetylcellulose (vegetarian capsule).

MDMA (Pills)


Effects: generally last around 4-6 hours. Nausea, muscle tension,
cramps, clenching of teeth, anxiety, sweating or chills, feeling faint,
sleep issues.

Buy Crystal Meth (Crank)


Oral Dosage: 
light :  2-4 mg
Common : 4-6 mg
Strong : 6-10 mg
Duration: 10-16 hours
Onset : 60-180 minutes

Effects: Objects appear distorted, Hallucinations may be vivid and
include visual disturbances, altered view of self, changed sense of
touch, and altered perceptions of colors and sounds.