Peyote – Mescaline Freebase


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Mescaline is used primarily as a recreational drug and is also used to supplement various types of meditation and psychedelic therapy.

Mescaline leads to rich visual hallucinations which were important to the native peyote cults. It has an effect that is similar to LSD or psilocybin (magic mushrooms), other hallucinogenic drugs.


Peyote – Mescaline Freebase

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Mescaline(Buy Mescaline Powder) is a hallucinogen obtained from a spineless type of cactus called Peyote. The cactus grows multiple circular-shapes that are cut from the plant and dried. They are usually chewed or soaked in water producing a liquid with psychedelic properties. The hallucinogenic dose for mescaline is 0.3 to 0.5 grams, or about five grams of dried peyote, and lasts about 12 hours.

The peyote/mescaline experience creates visual hallucinations and severe changes in states of consciousness. These changes can often be pleasurable but occasionally come with a strong feeling of anxiety. Other effects include euphoria, a feeling of being in a dream-like state and strong laughter. Like most psychedelic hallucinogens, mescaline is not physically addictive.

Mescaline is a psychedelic hallucinogen obtained from the small, spineless cactus Peyote (Lophophora williamsi), the , Peruvian torch cactus, and other mescaline-containing cacti. It is also found in certain members of the Fabaceae (bean family) and is produced


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